Isn’t Every Life Valuable?

This one question drives everything we do at Worth It Project. Worth It Project helps families protect and secure their future by delivering individually tailored life insurance policies. When a client’s total annualized premium is less than $10,000*, we donate 100% of the revenue from that policy to help free children sold into slavery. We believe that every life is valuable and every life is Worth It.

In 2010, Jason Hackmann, founder of Worth It Project, had the opportunity to travel to Ghana. The mission of the trip was to investigate the slavery conditions around Lake Volta. During that trip, Jason was part of a team that rescued three children. When Jason returned home, he realized that the child slavery problem was his to help solve. Those children were in circumstances out of their control, but their lives were just as valuable as another child born into a different situation.

An estimated 8.5 million children worldwide are part of the modern day slave trade. Child slavery separates children from their families, denies access to education and crushes young spirits. Enslaved children and their families didn’t choose these circumstances – they were born into them.

Contact us today and get started. See how you can experience the highest standard of service and expertise and make a difference in the life of an enslaved child. Start now by letting us review your current policy or help you purchase a new policy.



The total annualized premium per ‘client group’ must be under $10,000 to qualify for Worth It. A ‘client group’ is an individual, a group of individuals or a group of entities (e.g. trusts, LLCs, corporations, etc.) that are associated through family relation, business purpose or other commonality that requires one or more insurance policies issued on one or more insureds.